Guy With A Wallet Podcast Is Here

Guy With A Wallet Podcast Is Here!

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If you like our content but you’re not that into reading or just sometimes enjoy listening a bit more, we have a treat for you! “Guy with a Wallet Podcast” is here. And you can go subscribe to it right now, on your podcast platform of choice, to get our content in audio format.

For now, the podcast will be a reading of our blog posts. But in the future, we’ll have some exclusive podcast-only content too.

And in case you didn’t notice, English isn’t my native language. So you’ll have to excuse my accent.

Where to Listen

“Guy with a Wallet Podcast” is already available on these platforms. We will add to this list as it gets published on more apps.

In case you need the link to the podcast feed, it’s here. And here are some other links for you to choose from and subscribe:

Apple Podcasts
Google Podcasts

Or You Can Just Listen Here!

If you don’t use any of these apps, just bookmark this page so you can visit every once in a while and listen to our new episodes.

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