Best crypto youtube channels to watch
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Best Crypto YouTube Channels to Watch

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In the past decade, youtube has become the biggest and most used source for learning about different subjects, crypto included. But there are so many channels that create and publish content about cryptocurrencies. This makes finding the great ones and choosing between them, kind of hard. And that’s why we’re here to help to help! This is a list of best crypto youtube channels to watch right now.

1. Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos, or “aantonop”, is an author, speaker and educator about all things blockchain and crypto. So if you want to learn more about the technology behind decentralization and cryptocurrencies and how the economy and markets work, this channel would be a great choice. Without a doubt, one of the most reliable and best crypto youtube channels.

2. Scott Melker

Scott Melker, also known as the “wolf of all streets”, is one of my favorite people in the crypto sphere. He used to be a DJ, but now he is an awesome technical analyst and long-time crypto investor. You can find him streaming on his youtube channel and talking about the crypto market a few times a week.

This channel is a good choice for people who are interested in technical analysis and charts and indicators but also want honest opinions about the news and the state of things. Scott is also very fun to watch!

3. 99Bitcoins

This is one of the oldest crypto youtube channels that started out by explaining bitcoin in plain English. It has since moved on to talk about other things as well. So don’t let the name fool you. It’s not just about bitcoins with this channel and you can learn many things from it.

4. Crypto Casey

This channel is fairly new, compared to some of the others on this list. And maybe that’s one of the reasons that so many people like it. The first generation of crypto lovers were mainly technical people who loved the technology and its potential. But for the new people, it can’t be all technical. So we need channels like this that people can relate to. Watch to become a better investor, trader and crypto lover.

5. Coin Bureau

If you want to watch longer videos that give you some fundamental analysis on different projects and the whole crypto space, this channel can be a good choice.

6. Lark Davis

He’s definitely a fun guy to watch and he can give you tutorials, market news and some other educational content. Worth checking out for long-time investors and short-term traders.

7. The Trading Channel

This ones is not totally about crypto. But it’s one of the best channels for people who want to learn more about trading strategies and technical analysis. So if you’re actively trading cryptocurrencies or want to do it someday, this channel can be a good choice.

8. Bankless

The bankless team seems to be more focuse on email newsletters. They have several of them. But you can find them on youtube as well. Their motto is “learn to live a life without banks” which I like! And one other thing I like about their content is the emphasis on decentralization.

You can learn some technical stuff as well as some mostly fundamental analysis from this channel. But if you don’t like conversational videos or a channel that may post several videos a day, this might not be the one for you.

Bonus: Guy with a Wallet!

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