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The Mandatory First Post: Let’s Start With Why

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When you start a new blog, you kind of have to introduce yourself a bit and tell your potential audience what you’re going to talk about. So here’s my mandatory first post…

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Who Am I? What Is This Blog?

My name is Hamed, I am from Iran and my educational background is in management, economics and insurance. For the last 8 years, I’ve been a professional writer, photographer and podcast and video producer.

Most of the content I’ve created in the past, is in my native language of Farsi (Persian). But with this blog, I’m gonna try to reach a bigger, international audience. (In case you know Farsi, you can see some of my previous work here and this is my personal English blog.)

Unlike my personal blog -which covers many subjects- here, I will be focused on decentralization (blockchain technology), cryptocurrencies and some related economic and financial topics.

That was a brief “who” and “what”. Now let’s get to “why”.

Why Did I Start This Blog?

In the past few decades, every political establishment, every financial institution and every mainstream media have failed the ordinary people all over the world.

You can see the results, everywhere you look: in authoritarian governments all over the world, in poverty stricken communities, in the lies so many “journalists” spew and in the climate crisis.

It’s pretty clear that the status quo is hurting us, that we are vulnerable to the will of the ruling class and the wealth-hoarding billionaires. But what can we do?

Over the years, many people have proposed different solutions. And some of these solutions are even being implemented as I’m writing this post. But one of the big -sort of all encompassing- answers is the blockchain technology and a decentralized web.

I’m not saying that it’s our only hope. I’m not even saying that it will surely work. But I’ll say this: I believe it can work and I want to do my part. This is my main reason for starting this blog.

In the future, I’m gonna talk about:

  • Blockchain and its different applications
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Investing in the crypto market and trading cryptocurrencies
  • The world of economics and finance
  • Personal finance

And this is my mission:

To make blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies understandable for everyone and to give all the necessary information so people can make informed decisions about related topics

So if you agree and want to see this through with me, you should bookmark this site or follow me on twitter or telegram (or both). You can also subscribe to my newsletter. I promise, we’re gonna learn, laugh and get angry together!

Till my next post, stay curious! Hamed, out.

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I am Hamed aka Guy with a Wallet. My educational background is in management, economics and insurance. And for the past 8+ years, I’ve been a professional writer and content creator. My mission here is to educate people on decentralization, cryptocurrencies, economics and personal finance.


  • Avatar of Arash Naghdi

    Arash Naghdi

    Hi there Hamed, hope you’re doing great. I wanted to reach out and say good luck with your new adventure. It’ll sure be a bumpy road with all the ups and downs this market has shown to posses. However, from what I know and read from your previous work, I’m certain this new adventure will turn out to be fun, challenging and rewarding.


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