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When to Start Investing: 5 Signs You’re Ready

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Good investments can change your life! But when should you start to look for them? Of course the answer can be different for everyone, but here, I’m going to give you some pointers to help you decide. If you haven’t started investing some of your income and don’t know if you should start right now, this post can help you. So read on!

5 Signs that show you’re ready to start investing

1. The opportunity cost doesn’t worry you

In this post, I talked about opportunity cost and its importance in deciding whether to buy crypto or not. The same thing applies to investing as a whole. When you’re ready to invest in a serious manner, the opportunity cost doesn’t worry you. Meaning you have taken care of your basic wants and need and you don’t feel like the money you’re about to invest can be better used elsewhere. Or at least you don’t worry about not spending it elsewhere.

2. You’ve been saving money every month for a long time

In our guide to saving money, we talked about some tips and tricks that can help you save more. But the truth is that if you don’t make enough money to take care of your basic needs and have some extra cash left over, you won’t be able to save much.

But if you’ve been saving money every month for a long time, like at least six months to a year, you’re probably ready to start investing.

3. You’ve built an emergency fund

You never know what’s going to happen next. Some chance happenings can strain you financially. And before you think about investing money, you must be ready for these situations by building an emergency fund.

The size of this fund is totally up to you but I would suggest a number that resembles at least three to six months of salary for you.

4. You’re focused on the long-term

As long as you’re focused on your short-term goals, you can’t really invest your money confidently for the long-term. So if you want to be ready, take care of your short-term needs and wants so you can focus on the long-term goals.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy everything you think you want in the short-term and only then think about investing. You can just analyze them and reach the conclusion that other things are more important rationally.

5. You feel ready and you choose this path

I can give you a long list of signs and conditions, but the truth is that the most important thing is how you feel and what you choose.

You can have just one or two of the signs mentioned above. But if you feel ready and if you choose to start your investment journey, nothing should stop you.

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